King Elara (204 BC – 164 BC)


After capturing the throne of Lanka, Elara ruled the country justly. He ruled the country for 44 years. King Elara had a bell hanging near his bed. If someone feels that injustice was done to him, that person could ring this bell.

Story of young calf:
While King Elara’s son was going to Tissa reservoir in a chariot, he accidentally went over a calf. The cow, (mother of the calf) went and rang the bell. King Elara found out that his son had killed a calf, ordered him to death same exact way the calf died.

Old woman and the rice story:
An old woman laid rice in her backyard to dry them. Unfortunately unseasonal rain destroyed the rice. The old woman complained to King Elara that an out of season rain destroyed her rice. King Elara started a fast stating that gods should provide rain only during the rainy season. Sakka (King of Gods) found out about King Elara’s fasting and provided rain only during the rainy season.

King Elara and The Chariot:
Once King Elara was riding his chariot near a Chetiya, (Buddhist temple structure) he happened to hit the Chetiya by accident. The King jumped out of the chariot and told his ministers to kill him. The ministers stated that “Jina (Lord Buddha) would not approve such an act”. King Elara asked what else he could do to rectify the damage. The ministers stated that if the King can repair the damage to the Chetiya that would be enough. King Elara repaired the damage to the Chetiya.

The Mahavansa


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