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Parakramabahu I makes Lanka prosperous

Just as much as it could be said that no other king surpassed King Vijayabahu I as a warrior, and had there been no Vijayabahu there would have been no Sinhala people in Sri Lanka today, and that beyond a

The abduction of a royal family from Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka was mainly under the rule of the three nations of Dutch, Portuguese and British. We are aware of the fact that during the British Administration, they captured the final King of this country and extradited him to Vellore.

Rasin Deviyo


And now there appears on the scene a commander who was destined for the last time to fan into a blaze the smouldering energy of the Sinhalese. Auspicious omens had attended his birth – Sir Paul E. Pieris The prince

The ‘Adigars’ and Disawes of the Udarata Kingdom


The Adhikarama (called Adigar by the British) was the most powerful officer in the Udarata kingdom. He headed the central administration and was second only to the king. His symbol of office, the silver cane, curved at the top, was

The Legal System of the Udarata Kingdom


The Udarata kingdom had a centralized legal system, with the king at its apex. The king heard cases of treason, rebellion, conspiracy. Only he could declare the death sentence. Cases against high ranking chiefs, officers of the royal services and

History of Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka, officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. known as Ceylon before 1972 is an island nation in South Asia, located about 31 kilometers (18½ mi) off the southern coast of India. Originally known as Heladiva, it is

Sinhala New Year Customs


Different parts of the world celebrate New Year in a different way, in some countries; the time of celebration also differs. New Year in Sinhalese or Sri Lanka, popularly called Aluth Avurudhu, is observed on the 13th and 14th of

King Elara (204 BC – 164 BC)


After capturing the throne of Lanka, Elara ruled the country justly. He ruled the country for 44 years. King Elara had a bell hanging near his bed. If someone feels that injustice was done to him, that person could ring

King Dutugemunu (164 BC – 140 BC)


Prince Gamini was born to a royal family in southern Lanka. His parents were King Kakavanna Tissa and Vihara Maha Devi. The Birth of Prince Gamini: Dutugemunu Mahanaga: Mahanaga was the brother of King Devanam Piyatissa. Mahanaga was second in

Administration in Udarata Kingdom


The Udarata kingdom had a centralized administration which covered the full kingdom, including far flung villages. At the centre was the king, as head of state. There was a Maha Sabha, composed of the leading chiefs, to advise him. There