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Mangala & Ranil Deviate From “Kadirgamar Doctrine”of Continuity,Engagement and Change Towards China,India and US Led West


The title of the news story which broke in the Japanese media last week was entitled “FM: Sri Lanka to dilute dependence on China.” Any credible, substantive contradiction of the content of this report (and not just its title) by

Is present regime democratic?


One of the main reasons why the people decided to topple the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime on Jan. 8 was its excessively authoritarian character. They expected the new administration to be democratic. What we understand by ‘democratic change’ may be problematic

Mahinda’s electoral prospects


The crowd at the pro-Mahinda rally held in Matara last Friday was even larger than the crowd in Nugegoda. The number of parliamentarians on the stage was variously mentioned as 76, 77 and 78. As far as the pro-Mahinda camp

MS walks tightrope for Yahapalanaya within a House divided


It’s now obvious that the Government installed by President Maithripala Sirisena to take forward his “yahapalana” programme is going off the track. On Wednesday, a special session of Parliament called to confirm nominees to the Constitutional Council (CC) ended abruptly

‘Local Mechanism’ to probe war crimes to begin this month? Unearthing of war crimes Who? How?, What?


The clock is ticking for the Maithri Government to keep to its promises, made to the UNHRC, especially on the implementation of the ‘Local Mechanism’ (LM). which the UN body is ‘waiting’ to see some detailed and vital steps that

UNP govt. under seige


The pro-Mahinda group’s no confidence motion against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was handed over to the secretary general of Parliament on Friday. The motion had been signed by 112 parliamentarians. The 112th MP to sign was Douglas Devananda. Due to

Why Oppose the Glyphosate Ban?


Two Sri Lankan professors have strongly attacked the move to ban glyphosate. The ban has been declared from around April 2014, withdrawn in around July 2014 and firmly declared on May 22, 2015. It has been reported that the ban

Kuragala Controversy Deepens


Kuragala has been the centre of another dispute between the Buddhists and the Muslims of this country for a considerable duration of time. While the Muslims claim that Kuragala belongs to them and that Sufi saint, Sheikh Muhiyadeen Abdul Qadir

The Smoky Killer…is the cigarette lobby too powerful in Sri Lanka ?


According to statistics, nearly 60 people die daily in Sri Lanka due to smoking. Thus nearly 60% of cancer patients are smokers and as the President; who was the former Health Minister claimed, the government spends about Rs 4,500 million



General Paranoia We Tamils are inflicted with parochial superiority complex and paranoia. No one understands and agrees that the racial and ethnic confrontation was launched by our so called Malaysian born SJV Chelvanayaka (m), when he floated the Federal Party