America Expresses Distress over Ranil’s Undemocratic Conduct


A ‘No Confidence Motion’ with the most number of signatures in the history of Sri Lanka Parliament has been presented against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to the distress and dissapointment of the US government, it said recently.

If this no confedence motion is passed in parliament, the positive changes that have taken place in the country since the regime change in January, will come to an end.

Richard E. Hoagland, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs at the US State Department, said that, it is quite disgruntling and troubling to know that the Prime Minister of the government they (US) helped to be brought in, has violated basic democratic norms and acted in an undemocratic manner within such a short time of his appointment.

Establishing of the FCID to hunt down his political opponents and the cover-up of the controversial Central Bank bond issue are grave and undemocratic situations.  The Opposition has sufficient proof against the PM, hence a no confidence motion against him would bring disrepute to him, said Hoagland.

If the no confedence motion is passed in parliament with a majority vote (which it most likely will be), the US considers the defeat of Wickremesinghe, a personal blow to their (US) efforts and for the work done on behalf of Sri Lanka by them, said the Assistant Secy.


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4 Responses to America Expresses Distress over Ranil’s Undemocratic Conduct

  1. Ananda says:

    This report itself proves beyond doubt, the truth that the US and other
    Western Powers were behind the plot by Sirisena-Ranil-Chandrika to defeat
    the GoSL that ventured successfully to redeem the country of the three (3) decades prolonged Tamil Terrorism of the LTTE, covertly and overtly supported by those powers themselves along with the Catholic Church and India.

  2. Menike says:

    Evidence that the U.S. and other western powers supported Wickremesinge and Sirisena for regime change. As in the past they have had a willing stooge in Ramil W. to act against the people of Sri Lanka in support of LTTE demands as proposed by the Tamil diaspora who spend money to support representatives in western governments for anti Sri Lanka pro LTTE policies. All the west wants is to divide Sri Lanka to satisfy their pro LTTE citizens at the expense of Sri Lankans. When will Sri Lankans wake up to this reality?

  3. Punyawardana says:

    As usual US is trying to safeguard their so called democracy,in the name of which they topple down previous regime which is not destabilizing the country as fast as they want.Now the new regime has done some most crucial things like transferring land rights to separatists, and as a result the regime is becoming unpopular.Therefore they want to put blame on undemocratic conduct of the regime and then pave way to bring back the former one.Their game is to divide the Sinhala Nation and their country alternatively through regime change.

  4. Metteyya_Brahmana says:

    I don’t know how ‘troubled’ the US really is about Ranil and the UNP getting booted out of their minority-led government and the establishment of majority rule, but if they are troubled, then this obviously is a good thing because they are more concerned with their own China Containment interest in Sri Lanka than what is in the best long term interest for this country.

    Parliament needs to go well beyond the no-confidence motion on Ranil and listen to GL Peiris who is calling for the appointment of a UPFA PM who DOES have the “confidence of Parliament” who can then appoint a new cabinet that will be in place until Parliament’s term expires in April of 2016. This majority-control process will re-stabilize Sri Lanka, and get investors interested in investing again in the country. Stability and continuity is what investors need, and Ranil and the UNP have done quite the opposite by trying to rule the country without majority support.

    Had most Maithripala voters known on January 8th that Maithripala was going to simply transfer the power of the president to Ranil as prime minister, Maithripala would have been soundly defeated as this is not what most voters in Sri Lanka want. Giving Ranil control of the cabinet, which is tantamount to giving him control of the executive function of the government, should have been openly discussed PRIOR to the election, so the voter could decide if they wanted Ranil and the UNP running the country.

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